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Board has established three committees, namely the Audit Committee, Remuneration Committee and the Strategic Investment and Risk Control Committee ) to oversee particular aspects of the Company's affairs. All Committee The Company has been established with written terms of the scope and responsibilities of the Code .


Audit Committee  

Audit Committee consists of six members , namely Mr.Wei Bin( Chairman ), Mr. Liu Xiaofeng , Mr. Chen Guoming, Ms. Su Mei, Mr. Poon Chiu Kwok and Mr. Chang Qing.


Primary duties of the audit committee include the following : 

 1, before submission to the review of the Board , to review the financial statements and reports and consider the accounting and financial reporting department responsible officer or external auditors any significant or unusual items raised ; 

 2, referring to the work performed by the auditors , their fees and terms of engagement , review the relationship with the external auditor and the appointment of external auditors , reappointment and removal recommendation to the Board ; and 

 3, to review the Company's financial reporting system, the adequacy of the internal control system and risk management system and associated procedures and effectiveness. 

The Audit Committee oversees the Group's internal control system , any recommendations on major issues to report to the Board of Directors and to the Board. 


 Remuneration Committee 

Remuneration Committee consists of five members , namely Mr. Liu Xiaofeng( Chairman ) ,Mr.Jin Liliang, Mr. Zhang Mi ,  Ms. Su Mei , Mr. Wei Bin. 


The primary objectives of the Remuneration Committee include : 

 1, on the establishment of the structure of the remuneration policy and the development of utive directors and senior management of the program to make recommendations , the policies will ensure that the Director or any of his associates is involved in deciding his own remuneration ; 

 2, the remuneration packages of non- utive directors to make recommendations to the Board ; 

 3, referring to the individual and the company as well as market practices and conditions , remuneration packages are reviewed and approved by the utive Directors and senior management ; and 

 4, reviewed and approved by the utive Director , senior management concerning (i) any loss or termination of their office or appointment and (ii ) because of their misconduct dismissal or removal of compensation arrangements , so as to ensure that such arrangements are determined by the relevant contractual terms , which are otherwise reasonable and appropriate compensation . 


Remuneration Committee normally meets at least once a year to review the remuneration policy and structure and determining the annual utive directors and senior management remuneration packages and other related matters. 


 Strategic Investment and Risk Control Committee

Strategic Investment and Risk Control Committee consists of six members,  namely Mr.Jin Liliang( Chairman ) , Mr. Zhang Mi, Mr. Ren Jie, Mr.Liu xiaofeng, Mr. Poon Chiu Kwok and Mr. Chang Qing. 


Main duties of Strategic Investment and Risk Control Committee include the following : 

 1, to review the Company 's investment strategy ; 

 2, risk review the Company's control ; and 

 3, the Board recommended investment strategies and risk control policies and practices . 


Strategic Investment and Risk Control Committee shall normally be held at least once a year to review the investment and risk control issues .


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