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A. Shareholder rights 

1. Board and senior management to understand the interests of its shareholders as well as representatives of the responsibility to enhance shareholder value . 

2. Shareholders' rights are based on a number of rules and regulations, such as the Listing Rules "Articles" Hong Kong " Companies Ordinance " , the Stock Exchange of Hong Kong . " " Hong Kong as well as the broader corporate and securities laws and regulations. Without prejudice to any rights under the above circumstances , the Company's interpretation of the Code, shareholders' rights . 

3 basic rights of shareholders include : 

 a stake in ensuring the effective registration method ; 

 b transfer of stock ; 

... c regularly obtain relevant and timely and important information company ;. 

 d to participate in the general meeting and to vote at the meeting ; 

 e election and removal of members of the Board ;. 

 f convene an extraordinary general meeting . ; 

 g considered as a non -utive director for more than nine years of independence ; and 

 h sharing company profits. 

4. involve any fundamental change in the company 's decision , shareholders are entitled to participate in and enjoy the right to know. The changes include : 

 a modification memorandum and articles of association ; 

 b authorization of additional shares ; and 

 c be substantially equal to the sale of the company 's very substantial disposal ( including transfers . . All or most of the assets ) . 

5. , such as capital structure and arrangement of control and can lead to disproportionate equity ratio , shareholders have the right to know about the situation . Relation to a company , the company did not have the capital structure and the arrangement can lead to certain shareholders to obtain control of the equity ratio is not proportionate. 

 6 shareholders have the opportunity to actually participate in the general meeting and to vote at the meeting and the general meeting is entitled to know the rules , including voting procedures :.. 

 a company in a timely manner to provide the date of the shareholders' general meeting , location and sufficient information agenda and shareholders' meeting to vote on the matter will be proposed to provide comprehensive and timely information ;. 

 b shareholders must comply with reasonable restrictions may apply to the board to ask questions ( including the annual external audit problem ) , proposed projects and the general meeting of procedure proposed resolutions , etc. ;. 

 c with major shareholders to participate effectively in corporate governance decisions, such as the nomination and election of board members , etc. ;. 

 d shareholders may express their views on the remuneration policy of the Board members and senior management personnel ; and 

e shareholders may vote in person or by proxy , both have the same effect . 

 poll < strong> 

7. Pursuant to the Articles of Association, the resolutions proposed at the general meeting of each poll , but the President principle of good faith , decides to allow a purely procedural or administrative matters (including not contained in the agenda , or any supplementary circular to shareholders general meeting ; involves the Chairman shall maintain the orderly conduct and resolutions / or allow the meeting to be properly and effectively dealt , while allowing all shareholders a reasonable opportunity to express their views ) , except for a show of hands . . 

8 Company has established the following according to a poll by the shareholders of the program : 

 a shareholder may request the Chairman of the meeting at the beginning of all the proposed poll . resolution of the general meeting . Circular and the notice of the general meeting shall specify the Chairman requested by poll wishes ;. 

 B Chairman or Company Secretary shall, prior to a poll by explaining the voting procedure to the shareholders and answer questions from shareholders any questions ;. 

 c company should ensure that the general meeting of all the votes are properly counted and recorded , and to appoint an independent scrutineer who counted ;. 

 d Company shall as soon as possible after the meeting in accordance with provisions " Listing Rules " the , and in any event the morning after the meeting , or the first business day of any pre-opening session began trading ( whichever is earlier ) for at least 30 minutes prior to the Stock Exchange 's website and the Company's website published notice, the poll results announced at the meeting . 

B. Communicate with shareholders 

1. responsible for the Office of the Secretary of the Board Reply shareholders throughout the year on various issues raised by the written and telephone inquiries. The company has a telephone hotline ( 8628-82971873 ) and email ( for shareholders' queries. 

2. Annual Report on Form enclosed by responding companies , and actively invite shareholders to express their views . Shareholders will convey the views put forward by the directors and senior management. 

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